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Take Your Pipeline To The Next Level

With Our Specialist Lead Generation 

& Sales Growth

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​Here at Mamba, we’re partnered with one of the largest data providers in the world, which gathers real-time data around preferences, technology, research, and insights, we use that perfectly sourced data and plug it into our bespoke software, combining that with our superior lead generation funnels and skills in paid advertising, telemarketing and outreach marketing, that is the reason for our high conversion and reliability.
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350+ worldwide

Leads passed

22,578 per month

Deals Closed

4,967 per month

Revenue Made

£620,895.00 per month

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How We Work

Phase 1

Phase 3

Once the relevant pre-launch strategies have been completed, our award-winning team will launch the 1st campaign, this will happen at the most optimized times to ensure quick results, The team will monitor the campaign on a daily basis in the beginning, your client success manager will be in regular contact to ensure leads are coming in and converting.

Phase 4

At this stage its all about getting you the opportunities you require to achieve the goals set, your Client success manager will ensure that the campaign is performing well and keep you in the loop, we will look to implement and launch multiple campaigns via all avenues to ensure delivery of consistent results.

Phase 5

Phase 5 is all about long-term consistency and reliability for your business in a lead or sales provider, at this stage we will look to branch out and provide multiple avenues to ensure the results are being delivered.

We value long-term relationships more than anything at Mamba and we want our clientele relationships to grow and evolve!

This combined with our award-winning team, experience, proven bespoke software, and customer-centric focus success team are the reasons we have won countless awards around the globe and have a 98% retention rate.
We want to understand your business goals and timelines these goals need to be achieved, we will build a solid solution to hit these goals.

Phase 2

Involves our award-winning team in implementing relevant strategies, content, and action plans to ensure the set goals are met, this may involve us creating Video explanation videos of your business, content shoots, building landing pages, targeting website actions, sourcing data pools, and building campaigns via paid platforms or setting up campaigns on our secret sauce outreach platform.

Or chat to one of our online consultants

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