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Client Results

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Fashion Apparel Brand

Within 6 months of being a client, they were achieving over 1000% growth.

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Consumer Technology

This was a fairly new brand with a new product not taken to market yet, we build the organic base up, the social following and finally began running ads with our proven data pools which have to lead to a 1400% growth inside the first year and the client now achieving over 60k pcm in revenue.

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SAAS For Finance

This SAAS brand came onboard already launched and with around 75 active subscribers paying for the service, we have taken that brand to 6 figures in 2021 and will achieve 7 figures in 2022.

click the below to see full and more case studies.

What Stage Is Your Brand

As a brand your e-commerce marketing strategy heavily depends on where you are in your business life cycle, your long-term success is factored on the decision in the present, whether its fundraising or bootstrapping as a start-up, generating £25,000.00 PCM as a new but established business that is perhaps slightly stagnant with its revenue, organic growth building, and fulfillment, or even your maybe a brand that's flying high and generating £100,000.00's per month yet your finding faults and issues with your branding and outreach or the next project is a daunting one, you need to ensure that the company giving you advice and controlling your strategy that is your main sources of revenue is one you trust, can rely on and one that knows how to make a bad situation good and can ACTUALLY generate revenue but more importantly profits.

So if you feel, your at a pain point with your brand, or your looking to go to the next stages, fill out a few questions below and see how we can help you achieve your goals!


Stagnant growth.


Ecommerce Strategy

All eCommerce brands will go through the same stages, some do it faster or easier and others depending on the industry take longer but have better longevity, understanding these stages will put you in a much stronger position to move forward and here at Mamba we understand what it's like to have a brand, we are part of a large group that owns brands, we know the pain points and the next steps

Review the stages below and see where you fit.


Being an eCommerce startup is not for the faint-hearted, you need ideas, creatives, good patience, and a good understanding of your product/service and the competitors around you, then you're in the middle of the e-commerce fly high space, that is built around youtube videos and Instagram wannabes that make it look easy. The hard truth is, its really hard to make a dent but . . . with the right agency partner who has the knowledge of the game and how to play the next moves not only to make money but to also deliver results month in and month out even in the quiet times will take a massive amount of that stress away!

So if you're looking to do any of the following and would like a Free consultation with us, click the below
  •  Launch a new product or service 
  •  Raise FUNDS for your business
  •  Help to get you to your first 100k 
  •  Need a website or app building 
  •  Getting you started with advertising 
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As an Ecommerce brand if you get past the first few months/years alone, well done, you literally deserve a medal, it's a hard task for anyone but you clearly have what it takes to succeed.
Your marketing strategy will be very very different to a start-up or a scaling ecom brand, a lot of agencies, marketers, and brand owners don't realize the difference but it's massive, its why over 85% of eCommerce brands never get past this stage.

So If any of the following sound like your brand and you would like a FREE consultation with us, click the below
  •  Only using two or three marketing avenues to reach your customers and rely on them
  • Currently have an organic subscribed base below 30k 
  • Have tracking issues on ads
  • Unorganised with your new drops
  • struggling to overtake competitors
  • ROI below a 3-1

Stagnant growth.

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Scaling an eCommerce brand is an absolute minefield, a few mistakes can be costly and set you back, or worst. The scale-up period is actually more crucial than ever, your competitors are now watching you closely and want to keep the piece of their pie, your content, influencers, data, tracking, email marketing, sms sends, google ads, social ads and organics are being watched and compared, now is the time to be ready and understanding of your next goals in place, here at MAMBA in 2021-2022, we took over 125 brands to 6 figures, 150 brands to 7 figures and 5 brands to 8 figures, we understand the process to generate results and longevity.

So if you're looking to understand what the next steps look like and would like a FREE consultation with an award-winning well-known strategist,

click the below
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