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Recent Case Study 2022

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Our case study completed on the 17/2/2023 is referring to our Client Comparison-x, we have taken this business from a start-up to a multimillion turnover tech business within 12 months from onboarding, and this client relied heavily on us for B2B outreach and partner growth.

The strategy to grow this client was a completely different process to typical lead generation campaigns, we were required to outreach as ad-hock times, paid ads were a small element of the budget and it was far more organically based. 

The strategies Included:







Our approach to this client

Understanding that this client has little to no data or results to work from and being in a space that is very competitive, we saw an opportunity to develop the business with a different approach.
Instead of pushing hard on paid social (LinkedIn ads) like recommended by other agencies, we began by utilizing our data Partner Gen3, we reviewed what comparisons-x ideal target customer was and designed a brief scope to gather the data.
This data was then worked across multiple platforms and brought back in the house for our sales development team and data team to digest ready for round two, from here we began opening up opportunities and packaging partnerships to allow the business to scale comfortably but controlled not to over exceed and tarnish a new positive reputation.

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Monthly total Marketing Budget


Total Leads Generated

x 1747

Sales Opportunities Developed

X 786

Improving Close Rates

10% opp to sale

Monthly Revenue Returned


Paid Advertising results

From the 15k total marketing/advertising budget, we saw on average 3k of that budget go towards Linkedin, Facebook & Google ads

The remainder budget was spread across Data spend.

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 15.05.25.png

Outreach Results

The majority of this campaign's success came from our custom built outreach platform, we generated and sourced data on a daily basis allowing us to continue scaling and outreaching to new prospects on a consistent basis which evidently meant we were able to build a strong and reliable pipeline.

We were sending out around 5k worth of emails and direct messages every week, which resulted in a 47% open rate and ultimately led to a 5% reply rate which turned into around 117 conversations per week and we passed and converted 32% of those opportunities throughout the month.

Next Steps

This client is now moving to Phase Two of our project, we have begun developing an app and multiple landing pages for the client to develop some high levels of 1st party data to be used within the marketing strategy.


This client was provided with weekly reporting via our custom CRM and a weekly phone call and ongoing whatsapp communication via our business group.

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