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Whether project-specific or global, agency-of-record work, Mamba is uniquely positioned to deliver strategic, growth-minded, and results-driven services.

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Audience Data | Proven Pixels | Proven Mailing Lists 

Our Data really is one of our secret sauces here at Mamba, Being under the same umbrella as GEN3 the 2nd largest data provider in the UK/EU currently holding 280 million records worldwide, this means we can tap into any market, lowering CPA (cost per acquisition) and driving traffic in modern ways opposed to the stone age of paid social ads.

We have hundreds of data pools that we can plug and play with your marketing strategy to build strong 1st party data for your business.

Proven Data
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Sales outreach is a core service within Mamba Marketing and one we have won countless awards from and retained 98% of our clientele, We completely custom build, bespoke software to generate opportunities for our clients from LinkedIn AI outreach tools to mass emails and referral networks, All sourced opportunities get qualified via our software and API transferred, We have clients across all B2C & B2B sectors regulated and nonregulated, over the last 12 months we have helped generate 35 million in sales revenue from this services.

Lead generation

Lead Generation

Generating Leads digitally is becoming a complex element of the sales cycle, it requires nurturing and attention to detail, weather you have a 100-seat call center or a small business we can assist with every area of the lead generation process, from landing page building, social advertising, PPC leads, SEO or even AI leads, we work through your goals and company structure and look to make your time as efficient as possible with the correct leads.


Amazon Management & Consultancy

We will provide you with the right choices, tactics, and tools to generate the best results possible for your brand, we cover every area of Amazon from management to paid advertising.

Amazon Managemen
Lead Generation
snapchat ads

Snapchat Paid Advertising


Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

Tiktok ads

Tiktok Paid Advertising

Social Ads
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Pinterest Paid Advertising

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Linkedin Paid Advertising

Paid Social Advertising

Paid social is a core service for ANY business in 2022 onwards, the world is fast-changing and so is the way consumers and businesses buy, with a paid social account we can work with businesses of all walks from E-commerce fashion to law firms, Facebook is a very useful tool that we are currently spending over £900,000.00 PCM with and generating in excess of £6,300.000 alone in hard online sales, bookings, and services sold via lead opportunities.

Our Social Partnerships are across Meta, Tiktok, Snapchat & Linkedin.

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PPC Advertising

PPC (Google & Youtube ads) is another CORE service for any business looking to grow its revenue, as a Google Partner we work with businesses from your local SMEs looking for appointments and foot traffic to large multimillion turnover E-commerce brands that spend 6 figures per month on the platform, with 19 specialists in house and currently hold a GOLD partner status soon to be premium, we like to think there isn't many that can do what we can with good old Google.

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SEO & Optimisation

If you want your business to be found, then SEO is a service for you, Google currently holds 91.94% of all organic market searches, plus 75% of people never scroll past the first page of the search engine.

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Organic Marketing, Segments And Flows

Organic marketing is a core factor in any marketing strategy, in the new world of tracking and data 1st party data such as your email/SMS subscriber base requires the correct nurturing and attention to ensure repeat businesses and High LTV (lifetime value)

We use countless strategies, only the best software and content specialists amalgamated with our data specialists we on average look to triple the LTV of your customer base in weeks.

Being an approved partner of Mailchimp, Shopify & Klaviyo we often find we can make quick returns just by reviewing flows, segments, and automations, we then look to tackle the full strategy and really deliver the returns. 

Emai Marketing
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Website, Landing Pages & APPS

Websites, Apps, and Landing pages are not only a perfect way to display your brand, tell your story and sell your products and services. They are also tools, these tools need to be built and pointed in the correct way to generate revenue and recognition for your business. We have a team of in-house developers, data specialists & optimisation specialists who spend their days ensuring these tools are being used correctly for maximum results and returns.

Website & App builds
Profesional video studio.Behind-the-scenes of a video shooting.Behind the shooting product

Content Projects

The way your business is perceived online is heavily determined by the content produced by the business, 81% of consumers will review your business online before buying from you, so having that strong brand image with well-produced/designed content that shows your brand as it should is key, also to think of content as a way to generate new business sales and brand awareness is something most people overlook, if your launching a new side of the business or pushing on a different avenue then content projects are certainly a way to drive this.

Content Projects
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