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Recent Case Study 2022 -23


Our case study completed on the 1/5/2023, Is for our client Debt advisor UK, this client approached us after working with a number of PPL lead gen providers that were promising results and were not delivering, we explained that the PPL model is so in favor of the lead providers and is all about speed and margins, instead a more suitable approached to ensure longevity is working via a full lead generation funnel that provides retargeting, outreach, PPC & Social fresh leads, plus retargeting of contacts and non-contacts.

This client since being onboard is currently taking over 300+ qualified IVA & DMP leads weekly, they are converting on average 38% of those leads throughout the month due to the followup process and the retargeting of non-contacts.









Our approach to this client

Our approach to this client was very different from the traditional Pay per lead model that this client was familiar with, the client originally reach out to us and asked for a no-obligation strategy review, and we reviewed all elements from funnels in place, to qualifying calls, to retargeting non-contacts.

We quickly established that the client was working on a one-hit method, essentially trying to use average quality leads and convert as many as possible to make money or break even on the PPL order.

So we onboarded the client and provided a full strategic review of every competitor and type of lead/Criteria they required, we research trends and keywords through organic social media + we used our proven data pools of loan declines, low-income and other types of targeted data to input into our social and PPC funnels that have allowed us to deliver 1st stage leads at £4.89 per lead.

From here we implemented multiple changes for optimization to their landing pages to ensure a higher lead rate, lower bounce rate and minimize bot leads.

We then put in place a full-scale retargeting strategy to "mop up" the non-contact and overdue leads that have fallen from the funnel, this strategy would requalify the lead and generate a 3rd qualified lead from the client's sales team to dial or take calls from.

Alongside the above, we are also running a full organic social media strategy including creating branded content for the client's organic TikTok to produce organic TikTok leads, when the client came on board they did not have a TikTok account, now the client has over 15,000 followers and is trending and generating 85+ organic TikTok leads per calendar month and converting around 37% of these on the first call.

This client is now generating over x300 criteria-qualified leads per week and having little to no wasted spend compared to a PPL model, the leads are being converted at over 35% throughout the funnel and the contact rate is fantastic meaning fewer sales staff are required and a more modest marketing budget is in place which ultimately means the client is making far more profit.

Image by Alex Hudson

Paid Advertising Results

This client required a funnel that created volumes of traffic and could scale to new audiences and retarget well, we implemented a full API conversion setup and linked the client to our custom tracking software and 2nd party data software, this allowed the client to benefit from more in-depth tracking and also access to our proven audience data pools.

Results of the month's performance below

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 13.56.39.png
Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 13.57.34.png

Next Steps

This client is now moving to Phase Two of our strategy where we will begin building and scaling more new audiences and ensuring longevity of the brand and its success.


This client was provided with weekly reporting via our custom CRM and a weekly phone call and ongoing WhatsApp communication via the client's designated Client success manager, we feel communication is the key to long term successful marketing relationships.

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