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Competition & Gambling Client Results

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 As an agency, we work and specialize within the Competition & Gambling space, we work with some of the biggest names in the game and generate incredible results, Our average ROI in the competition space is

38-1 from marketing sources, To do this we utilize a variety of different methods to drive results.

Custom AI Outreach

Paid Social Ads

Proven 2nd party data from our data partner Gen3 is included in all plans

Google PPC






Videography and Photography

Push Notifications

TV & Out of home

Our Proven approach to the competition space.

Our approach to this industry is very different from a traditional marketing strategy we see ran by other agencies heavily focusing on FB ads and pushing massive budgets which ultimately they run incorrectly leading to restricted accounts and deadends, We do utilize Facebook ads along with 11 other services all backed by the biggest performance data company on earth GEN3, we hold databases of ex and proven competition sites, along with sky bet subscriber lists and waiting lists for produc like range rovers and Rolexs, this means our CPA is less than any other agency from the start, we also have a large in-house team that specialise in creative content and organic marketing meaning we can scale your business/brand across multiple verticles and ensuring the longevity of the business

Being a premium partner of every platform we work on including Meta, Google, Mailchimp, Klayvio and many more we are able to build your marketing strategy in such a way that you will be bulletproof against policies

We have seen tremendous success from this industry over the last 36 months and have now officially made it a prime focus for us as an agency, we will only work with a selected number of clients at any time to ensure consistency and deliverability fo results and every single client we have onboarded in this space has seen results unlike anything before.

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Strategy Results

To backup everything in this industry case study, please see below results from multiple platforms such as Meta ads, Google PPC, SEO, Outreach AI and Google ads. (1750 × 750px) (3).png (1750 × 750px) (4).png (1750 × 750px).png (1750 × 750px) (1000 × 650px) (2).png (1750 × 750px) (1000 × 650px) (4).png
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 18.44.11.png
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 18.49.23.png (1750 × 750px) (1000 × 650px).png
Comp & Gambing Results


If you are within the competition industry and are looking for results and to grow your business we are the agency to use, we offer full performance plans that cater specifically to your business goals.


We provide weekly POAs, Weekly Loom updates, Monthly report, A full time Client success manager and at least x5 people working on your account to ensure results.

The Lead Team In Competition & Gambling

At Mamba we have a team of 50 strong that are all trained and built to deliver results for our clientele but within the competition & Gambling space, our lead team and results drivers are our CEO Jordan Smith, Our CMO Sarah Smith, Our Lead paid Anthony Robinson and Our 3rd Team member at Mamba Lauren Morris, This team has spent and strategized over 100 million within the competition and gambling space, worked with hundreds of Competition & Gambling brands from start-up to PLC and worked across multiple services from paid services to data licensing and organic methods, this team has generated hundreds of millions for our clients in the competition and gambling industry and genuinely love the work they do.


Jordan Smith

Founder & CEO


Sarah Smith

Founder & CMO


Ant Robinson

Paid Lead


Lauren Morris

Client Success Manager

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