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Recent Case Study 2022


Our case study completed on the 21/8/2022, is referring to our client project for Hensol Castle, we provided a content project for this client to help drive traffic and awareness towards the distillery.

Social Media

Video Production


Our approach to this client

Our approach to this client was to create compelling content that would allow the brand to be shown in a new light, we reviewed the client's social media and saw opportunities to deliver reel-like content that would showcase the Distillery and gin products themselves, the client's social media following was heavily factored in to understand where to post, what content was required and optimisation.



As part of the plan, we also prepared a full social media strategy to accompany the content.

Next Steps

The next steps are to introduce different element of content for the distillery and look to focus on VSL type content to drive traffic to the tours.


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