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Recent Case Study 2022 - 23


Our case study completed on the 1/5/2023, is referring to our client Ratchet Clothing, we have taken this already established business and increased its revenue, customer base, email subscriber list, social following, AOV (average order value), Repeat order rate and general traffic to well above 75% what it was pre Mamba marketing, let see how we do this below...




Google PPC





Our approach to this client

Our approach to this client was very different to a traditional marketing strategy for e-commerce fashion, the client was already performing ok via paid advertising and was at the time working with a small agency, at that point the client realized the current agency just wasn't able to scale the brand any further and that's were we came into play.

We began with reviewing all elements of the brand and conducting a full-scale report of every aspect of the brand, its competitors, its marketing channels, its customers, and its data at hand, we found the audience of the business was extremely engaging and receptive, obviously meaning the brand and quality of product was supreme compared to its competitors

We then moved our sights towards the content side of the brand where we begin shooting product shots and introducing influencers to help introduce new audiences and targeting

We then engaged and implemented all found data and began chipping away at the advertising funnel currently in place by the old agency, this involved TIKTOK ADS, GOOGLE PPC and META ADS, our ROAS scaled from a modest 2.22-1 with the previous agency to a 13-1 within the first 8 weeks of the relationship between Ratchet clothing and Mamba.

Whilst all the above action was taking place our organic specialist and the clients' client success manager made multiple changes to the flows and automation of the organic retargeting strategy made by the previous agency, this also within the first 12 weeks had seen an increase of 50% in orders and actually generated more business via flows in those 12 weeks that the whole lifetime of the previous agencies setup. 

Our relationship with the client is fantastic and growing well, the like actually achieved 6 figures during the Black Friday weekend and that was higher than any given whole month before.

In 2023, this client has set some very big goals and we are only a few days into January and they are looking very realistic.

Heres to a fantastic year Ratchet Clothing!

Image by Windows

Paid Advertising Results

This client required a funnel that created volumes of traffic and could scale to new audiences and retarget well, we implemented a full API conversion setup and linked the client to our custom tracking software and 2nd party data software, this allowed the client to benefit from more indepth tracking and also access to our proven audience data pools.

Results of the month's performance below

ratchet bf.png

Next Steps

This client is now moving to Phase Two of our strategy where we will begin building and scaling more new audiences and ensuring longevity of the brand and its success.


This client was provided with weekly reporting via our custom CRM and a weekly phone call and ongoing WhatsApp communication via the client's designated Client success manager, we feel communication is the key to long term successful marketing relationships.

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